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This website is intended as a quick reference for information on our work, primarily in the area of experimental reading research. We currently pursue several lines of basic research on information processing in reading as well as applied work aimed at improving reading instruction in the State of Florida. Collaborative projects include work in the areas of drug and alcohol addiction, attention deficits (ADHD), Neurolinguistics, Human Factors and research on aging.

We are not only participating in the cognitive and developmental psychology programs at Florida State, but our group is also an active part of the Florida Center for Reading Research ( If you are a prospective student, please contact us for more information. This page is still under development, and we are grateful for feedback and suggestions.


Active Research Areas

Research on Normal Reading: Inter- and intraindividual variability (e.g. motivation and purpose of reading), emotional aspects of word processing, reading in different languages and writing systems. Glenmore, a theory and model of information processing and eye movement control in reading.

Cognition, Human Factors and Training: Navigational behavior and hazard perception in traffic, visual processing and multitasking in human-computer interaction, computerized training of reading skills.

Developmental Reading Research: Reading behavior in beginning readers and in children with reading disabilities, binocular coordination, predictors of learning to read, reading in older adults.

Neuropsychology and Neurolinguistics: Effects of alcohol in acute intoxication and placebo settings, executive functions and behavioral regulation in children and adults with ADHD, word recognition and reading in patients with aphasia.

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