Florida Center for Reading Research


Research Faculty

Barbara R. Foorman, Ph.D.

Francis Eppes Professor of Education
Barbara Foorman

Barbara Foorman holds a joint appointment as the Francis Eppes Professor of Education and Director of the Florida Center for Reading Research at Florida State University. In 2005 Dr. Foorman served as the first Commissioner of the National Center for Education Research at the Institute of Education Sciences in the U.S. Department of Education. Dr. Foorman has over 140 publications in the area of reading and language development. Dr. Foorman has been principal investigator of federally-funded grants on early reading interventions, scaling assessment-driven instruction, development of K-12 reading assessments, and literacy development in Spanish-speaking children. Currently, Dr. Foorman is Principal Investigator and Director of the Regional Education Laboratory Southeast and has a subaward to ETS’s assessment grant in IES’s Reading for Understanding Initiative. She also leads technical assistance grants in Florida. Dr. Foorman is an author of vocabulary, spelling, and phonemic awareness curricula and is a primary author of the TPRI early reading assessment used in Texas and the K-12 Florida Assessments for Instruction in Reading (FAIR) used in Florida.

Foorman was a founding member of the Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness, a long-time board member, and co-Editor of the Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness. Currently, she is chair of an IES Practice Guide panel. She was a reviewer of the ELA Common Core State Standards and has been a member of several national consensus committees related to reading—the National Research Council’s Preventing Reading Disabilities in Young Children, the Framework Committee for the National Assessment of Educational Progress, and a technical advisor to the National Reading Panel.

Research Projects

Regional Educational Laboratory Southeast
Duration: 1/3/12 – 1/2/17
Florida State University is home to the U.S. Department of Education's Regional Educational Laboratory for the southeast states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Curriculum vitae

Richard K. Wagner, Ph.D.

Associate Director
Robert O. Lawton Distinguished Professor of Psychology
W. Russell & Eugenia Morcom Chair

Dr. Wagner is the Alfred Binet Professor of Psychology at FSU. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Institute for Literacy and is well known for his research on the assessment of reading and intelligence.


Christopher J. Lonigan, Ph.D.

Associate Director
Distinguished Research Professor of Psychology

Dr. Lonigan is a Professor in the Psychology Department at FSU. He serves on the Early Literacy Panel of the National Institute for Literacy and is nationally known for his work on literacy instruction and assessment for students at the Pre-K level.

Research Projects

Florida State University Research and Development Center for Pre-K to 5th Grade Student Comprehension: Examining Effective Intervention Targets, Longitudinal Intensity, and Scaling Factor
Duration: 7/1/10 – 6/30/15
This center, using a combination of basic science, development, and evaluation studies conducted in Florida, will (a) identify the key language, cognitive, and regulatory components necessary for strong comprehension of spoken and printed language, (b) develop, refine, and evaluate instructional activities that teachers can effectively use to increase the language and reading comprehension skills of children in pre-K to 5th grade, and (c) develop and evaluate an on-line professional development system that will support teachers’ use of these instructional activities

Predoctoral Interdisciplinary Research Training (PIRT) Fellowship
Duration: 9/1/09 – 8/31/14
This fellowship is providing advanced research training to doctoral students of psychology, education, communications disorders, and other disciplines.


Chris Schatschneider, Ph.D.

Associate Director
Professor of Psychology

Dr. Christopher Schatschneider is an experienced researcher in the area of early reading development. He has expertise in applying sophisticated measurement and statistical models to illuminate the relationships between reading and pre-reading skills.

Research Projects

Reading ICARD: Interventions for Children with Attention and Reading Disorders with the University of Texas at Houston
Duration: 4/1/10 – 2/28/15
This study explores the relative effectiveness of treatments for children with both ADHD and significant reading disabilities.

Beth Phillips, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Phillips is currently conducting and developing research on emergent literacy, including topics related to curriculum development, assessment, and relations between emergent literacy and child behavior. Dr. Phillips also is involved in research on developmental psychopathology.

Research Projects

Using Educational Television to Enhance Young Children's Language & Vocabulary Skills
Duration: 7/1/08 – 6/30/13
This study is developing and documenting the feasibility, applicability to diverse settings, and fidelity of implementation of an intervention designed to enhance and accelerate the vocabulary and language acquisition of at-risk preschool children.


Young-Suk Kim, Ed.D.

Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Kim’s research interests include oral language development and reading development with particular interests in phonological awareness, orthographic awareness, and reading fluency for various populations such as Korean- and English-speaking children as well as English language learners.

Research Projects

Development of Oral and Silent Reading Fluency and their Relation with Reading Comprehension in First through Third Grade Students
Duration: 7/1/12 – 6/30/16
The findings from this study will provide critical information about developing instructional approaches and interventions (i.e., Goal 2 study) to improve students' reading fluency, both oral and silent modes, and ultimately reading comprehension.

Sara A. Hart, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Hart is an assistant professor in the Psychology Department at FSU. Broadly defined, her research interests focus on the sources of individual differences in cognitive ability and achievement development. Primarily she focuses on how genetics and the environment interplay to influence the development of reading and math skills, as well as general cognitive processing. Additionally, Dr. Hart is interested in incorporating genetic and family environment information into our understanding of response to intervention.

Research Projects

Individual Differences in Response to Intervention: Project KIDS
Duration: 4/01/13 – 3/31/15
This project combines the raw data of nine completed intervention projects to create a very large pooled dataset in which we will explore various sources of individual differences, including child traits, family environment and familial risk status, as moderators of response to intervention.

Joseph K. Torgesen, Ph.D.

Director Emeritus
Professor Emeritus of Psychology

Dr. Torgesen is appointed as the W. Russell and Eugenia Morcom Chair of Psychology and Education at FSU. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of the National Institute for Education Sciences and is widely recognized for his research on the prevention and remediation of reading difficulties.