Florida Center for Reading Research


Part of the Florida Center for Reading Research’s mission is to disseminate information about research-based practices related to literacy instruction and assessment for children in pre-school through 12th grade. To this end, FCRR has provided a selection of resources and materials of particular interest to education practitioners.

This includes a number of classroom activities developed by teachers at FCRR for use in kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms and pedagogical information for empowering teachers with the skills and knowledge for effective instruction in the classroom. These materials have been developed through the Center’s commitment to applied research projects with the purpose of providing information that can be used to improve reading instruction to all students. Additional resources such as a glossary of terms and the FCRR report on corrective reading may provide further insight into the usefulness of the materials provided.

Please feel free to explore the links to the left to browse our current offerings and to see how our work at FCRR can benefit you in the classroom.