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Oral Reading Fluency Instruction - First Grade

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Does the student quickly recognize the common high frequency words (e.g., Dolch, Fry, District list) that have been taught? Help Me Decide Have the student:
(a) read aloud common high frequency words that have been taught, and
(b)  read text aloud at his/her independent reading level which includes previously taught common high frequency words
Can the student meet Oral Reading Fluency expectations for this time of year? Help Me Decide Have the student:
(a) complete the DIBELS ORF assessment at the appropriate time of year
You will:
(b) compare the results to the DIBELS Risk Levels Chart
Can the student read connected text with proper expression? Help Me Decide Have the student:
(a) orally read connected text at independent reading level
You will:
(b) listen for features such as: pacing, automaticity in reading words, inflection, expression, and pausing at punctuation
For more information refer to the Fluency section.

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