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Phoneme Awareness

Phoneme Comparison

Initial: Which two words begin with the same sound? pup, fall, fun (fall and fun) What is the first sound in man? (/m/)
Final: Which two words end in the same sound? hop, tap, dog (hop and top) What is the last sound in man? (/n/)

Phoneme deletion

Intial: Say "cat" without the /c/: (at)
Final: Say "fleet" without the /t/: (flee)

Phoneme segmentation

What sounds do you hear in drab? (/d/ /r/ /a/ /b/ 4 sounds); in foot? (/f/ /oo/ /t/ 3 sounds); in shoe? (/sh/ /oe/ 2 sounds)

Phoneme blending

What word does /b/ /i/ /t/ make? (bit) or What word am I trying to say? /b/ /i/ /t/ (bit)