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Kindergarten Group 1

Depending on the studentsí needs, it may be necessary to begin instruction in phonemic awareness with basic activities in word awareness, syllable awareness, and/or rhyme awareness. Your goal is to move Sean and David as quickly as possible to activities that involve identifying and working with individual phonemes in words, like blending and segmenting activities.

You should follow the sequence of instruction for letter-sound knowledge in your reading program. Quickly increasing your studentsí knowledge of letter sounds is your goal. You can teach them the letter names they don't know at the same time you teach the sounds. Hopefully, before too long, you can begin working on blending and segmenting activities that use written letters to represent the sounds in words. That way, Sean and David can begin to learn to decode real words. They will be ready to decode simple words as soon as they have solid knowledge of a few consonants and vowels.

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