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Third Grade Group 2

As with Group 1, your goal is to help Nehemie, Amir, Connor, Daniel, & Selina catch up with third grade level skills as quickly as possible. Group 2 should continue to develop their decoding abilities as well as applying these skills to reading words in isolation and connected text. Instruction may involve working with: multi-syllabic words (e.g., animal, different), affixes (e.g., uneven, wishes), words that contain r-controlled vowels (e.g., spark, third), and/or words that contain moderately challenging vowel spellings (e.g., spray, breath, degree).

While these students are strengthening their phonics skills, instruction should also incorporate reading high frequency words (which may or may not be decodable words) and connected text. Encourage the students to read phrases and sentences to build reading fluency. This will allow your students to work towards meeting the expectations of third grade reading.