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Third Grade Group 3

Students in this group will benefit from oral reading activities (e.g., reading high frequency words, choral reading) aimed at developing expression, phrasing, and rapid word recognition while reading. Reading connected text at their instructional level with teacher feedback will help these students read with accuracy, pacing, and expression (prosody).

It is important to further develop vocabulary and comprehension skills, in order to strengthen their ability to understand the meaning of words in context. Students should be taught to use new words to expand on words they know. Encourage students to use words that mean the same thing but sound more sophisticated such as “rapid” instead of “fast”. Have these students use these words in their conversations and writings.

Explicit vocabulary instruction should help students develop an understanding of the relationship among words (e.g., word structure and word families). This can be taught through instruction on affixes, multiple meanings, compound words, and categorizing. Vocabulary strategies (e.g., context clues, apposition, and word structure) would also help students meet the demands of reading comprehension.

Teacher observation and Ongoing Progress Monitoring can help to further determine the specific needs of these students.