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Third Grade Group 1

Depending on the studentsí needs, it may be necessary to begin phonics instruction with basic activities in letter-sound knowledge and blending and segmenting these sounds. Your goal is to help students become fluent with these skills and move Trevor, Zeddy, and Marques as quickly as possible into activities that involve identifying and working with affixes, digraphs, diphthongs, and syllable patterns. While these students are building their phonics skills, instruction should also incorporate reading high frequency words and connected text at their instructional level to build automaticity in oral reading.

Ongoing Progress Monitoring (OPM) should be administered weekly for these students to track even the smallest increments of growth. Administering second and/or first grade ORF probes will help you determine each studentís instructional reading level. For information on deciding how to use prior grade level probes, visit the Decision Rules Flowchart.

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