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Third Grade Group 4

Since these students have met or exceeded the mid-year target, your small group instruction should provide activities that will enrich their vocabulary and comprehension skills, as well as increase their exposure to different genres of text.

Activities for enrichment include teacher-led literature circles and novel studies, which will allow students in Group 4 to engage in critical thinking and reflection as they read and respond to text. Also, guide students to a deeper understanding of new and unfamiliar words and text through discussions on root words, affixes, and text structure. Provide these students with opportunities to think critically about literature through oral and written responses (e.g., summarizing, monitoring and clarifying, predicting, and making connections).

Through these activities, you should heighten Group 4 studentsí understanding and enjoyment of text, while allowing them to express their ideas through various forms of reflection. Monitor that students are progressing in reading and writing strategies, while providing activities that build upon their comprehension skills (e.g., main idea, authorís point of view, authorís purpose, cause/effect, compare/contrast, fact/opinion, and classify/categorize).

Pay attention to Luis and Kanadraís participation during discussions, as their scores are so close to the mid-year target. Depending on their ability to participate in this group, Luis and Kanadra may benefit from placement in another group.