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Second Grade Group 1

Depending on the studentsí needs, it may be necessary to begin phonics instruction with letter-sound correspondence, blending, segmenting, and manipulation of phonemes. Your goal is to help John and Stacey develop fluency with these skills as quickly as possible.

Along with the small group instruction within the 90 minute reading block and the additional intervention that John and Stacey will receive, you may want to monitor their progress weekly to track even the smallest increments of growth. Using the DIBELS measures for Ongoing Progress Monitoring (OPM), you can track each studentís progress in the skills taught during small group instruction. The instruction with these students will focus on developing fluency with basic phonics skills, so monitoring the studentsí progress with NWF as frequently as once a week will document your instructional impact. Since John and Stacey scored 0 on the NWF measure, administering a PSF probe may help determine a possible need for phonemic awareness intervention. For information about administering PSF and other prior grade probes for OPM, visit the Decision Rules Flowchart.

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