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Second Grade Group 4

Small group instruction for these students should provide activities that will enrich their vocabulary and comprehension skills, as well as increase their exposure to different genres of text.

Provide opportunities for this group to read and discuss various genre of text, especially informational/expository text, at the students’ instructional level. Instruction in word structure (e.g., base words and affixes, word families, compound words, syllables) will strengthen these students’ ability to understand the meaning of words in context. Teach the students to use text structures (e.g., sequence, comparison/contrast, cause/effect) and comprehension strategies (e.g., asking questions, making connections, summarizing) when self-monitoring their understanding.

Students should be taught to use new words and to expand on words they know. Teach them to replace words they use often in writing with more sophisticated or specific synonyms, such as replacing “nice” with “polite”. Explicit vocabulary instruction in using context clues will teach students how to determine the correct meanings of homophones and words with more than one meaning. This instruction will further increase reading performance as the text becomes more challenging.