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Class Recommended Level of Instruction Report

Information this report provides:
1. A view of all three assessment periods at once
2. A view of all of your students OR just full year students
3. The ability to sort by the student name or Recommended Instructional Level (RIL)
4. A pie chart at the bottom of the page illustrates the percentage of students within each RIL

Questions that can be answered from this report:
1. What is the RIL for each student in my class?
2. How many students are on grade level?
3. How many students are below grade level?
4. Which students are in need of immediate intensive interventions (iii)?
5. How does a particular student perform in relation to the class?
6. Is my class making progress throughout the year?
7. Are those who begin on grade level staying on grade level?

This report does not provide:
1. Individual scores of DIBELS® measures
2. Access to other reports