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Publications by Dr. Carol Connor

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Connor, C. M., Morrison, F. J., & Underwood, P. (2007). A Second Chance in Second Grade? The cumulative impact of first and second grade reading instruction on studentsí letter-word reading skills. Scientific Studies of Reading.11(3), 199-233.

Connor, C. M., Morrison, F. J., Fishman, B. J., Schatschneider, C., & Underwood, P. (2007). THE EARLY YEARS: Algorithm-Guided Individualized Reading Instruction. Science, 315(5811), 464-465.

Connor, C. M., Craig, H.K., Raudenbush, S.W., Heavner, K. & Zwolan, T.A. (in press). The age at which young deaf children receive cochlear implants: Is there an added value for early implantation? Ear and Hearing.

Connor, C. M., Morrison, F. J., & Slominski, L. (2006). Preschool instruction and children's literacy skill growth. Journal of Educational Psychology, 98(4), 665-689.

Connor, C. M., & Craig, H. K. (in press). African American preschoolers' use of African American English and their emergent literacy development: A complex relation. Journal of Speech, Language and Hearing Research.

Connor, C. M. (2006). Examining the communication skills of a young cochlear implant pioneer, Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education. First published on June 5, 2006, 10.1093/deafed/enl001.

Connor, C. M., Son, S.H., Hindman, A. , & Morrison, F. J. (2005). Teacher qualifications, classroom practices, and family characteristics: Complex effects on first graders' language and early reading. Journal of School Psychology, 43, 343-375.

Morrison, F. J., Connor, C. M., & Bachman, H. J. (2005). The transition to school. In D. K. Dickinson & S. B. Neuman (Eds.), Handbook of early literacy, volume 2: New York: Guilford Press.

Morrison, F.J., Bachman, H. & Connor, C. M. (2005). Improving Literacy in America: Guidelines from Research, New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.

Cameron, C. E., Connor, C. M., & Morrison, F. J. (2005). Effects of variation in teacher organization on classroom functioning. Journal of School Psychology. Vol. 43(1), 61-85.

Connor, C. M., Morrison, F. J., & Katch, E. L. (2004). Beyond the Reading Wars: The effect of classroom instruction by child interactions on early reading. Scientific Studies of Reading, 8(4), 305-336. Winner of the 2006 Dina Feitelson Research Award.

Connor, C. M., Morrison, F. J., & Petrella, J. N. (2004). Effective reading comprehension instruction: Examining child by instruction interactions. Journal of Educational Psychology, 96(4), 682-698.

Connor, C. M., & Morrison, F. J. (2004:1-11). Services or programs that influence young children's academic success and school completion. In R. E. Tremblay, R. G. Barr & R. D. Peters (Eds.), Encyclopaedia on Early Childhood Development. Montreal: Centre of Excellence for Early Child Development. Available at: (PDF).

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