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Ongoing Progress Monitoring (OPM) Options

Due to technical difficulties during Assessment Period 1 the K-2 EST and 3-12 WAM Ongoing Progress Monitoring (OPM) tasks in the PMRN will be delayed, however paper and pencil OPM tasks may still be administered. We recommend using:

OPM TDI Tasks: Kindergarten Grade 2, Blackline Masters are provided in the FAIR Assessment Kit.

OPM Oral Reading Fluency (ORF): Grades 1 - 5, Blackline Masters are provided in the FAIR Assessment Kit.

Scaffolded Discussion Templates: Grades 3 - 12, Blackline Masters are provided in the Informal Diagnostic Toolkit.

For OPM data analysis, raw fluency scores can be converted to scores adjusted for passage difficulty for Oral Reading Fluency passages and Scaffolded Discussion Templates. See the lookup tables below for the conversion charts for adjusted fluency and explanations of how to use these tools to track progress.

To assist with documenting and analyzing OPM data, blank data templates for each of the above tasks have been provided below.

Scaffolded Discussion Templates Explanation

Scaffolded Discussion Templates Look Up Tables

Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) Explanation

Oral Reading Fluency (ORF) Look Up Tables

OPM Data Templates

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