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Vocabulary Instruction - Third Grade

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Can the student categorize important vocabulary words and describe their
Help Me Decide Have the student:
(a) classify vocabulary words into given categories, and
(b) provide categories for given vocabulary words, and
(c) provide reasons for decisions based on features
Does the student make connections between new vocabulary words and concepts (e.g., procedural, transition, high utility words) to known words and concepts? Help Me Decide Have the student:
(a) use known words and background knowledge to provide a meaning for new vocabulary words
Can the student determine the meaning of unfamiliar complex words when using knowledge of base words and affixes? Help Me Decide Have the student:
(a)  provide the meaning for words that have prefixes and suffixes
Sample- Base Words and Affixes
Unfriendly (un- = not, "not friendly")
Hopeless (-less = without, "without hope")
Can the student use context to identify the meaning of words that have several meanings? Help Me Decide Have the student:
(a) identify from multiple choices the correct meaning of a word in context, and
(b) provide the meaning of a word based on the context
Can the student identify “shades of meaning” in related words (e.g., blaring, loud)? Help Me Decide Have the student:
(a) rank words based on range of relative meaning
Sample- Shades of Meaning
Does the student independently use vocabulary words in various contexts (e.g., discussions, writing, retell) after they are introduced and taught directly? Help Me Decide Have the student:
(a) provide opportunities for the student to use current vocabulary words in discussions, writings, and/or retells, and
(b) monitor the studentís writing and conversations for vocabulary words that have been introduced and taught
For more information refer to the Vocabulary section.

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