Quantitative Methodology & Innovation


To advance scientific discovery through multi-disciplinary collaboration on research design, data analysis, and innovation in quantitative methods and assessment.

The primary purpose of the QMI is the application of rigorous research methods and advanced statistical analyses to research related to improving social, educational, behavioral, psychological, and emotional outcomes across the developmental spectrum from birth to adulthood. For these key outcomes, QMI is dedicated to the design and analysis of experimental and quasi-experimental research, the study of individual differences, screening and identification, and innovations for connecting people to data.

The mission of QMI is met by offering four specific services:

  • Quantitative methodological services for research projects (FSU internal and external).
  • Advanced statistical and psychometric modeling services for the development of assessments and tools.
  • Training on statistical techniques and innovative applications.
  • Data collection, management and related support services.
  • Recently Awarded Projects

    Reach Every Reader Project
    The goal of the five-year, $30 million Reach Every Reader project is to ensure that, through individualized assessment and interventions, every child learns to read well enough by the end of third grade. Learn more at http://www.fcrr.org/news/news_reach_every_reader_2018.html.

    Development of Personalized CAT Diagnostics for Phonological Awareness.
    This project, in partnership with Nessy Learning, is to enhance our understanding of phonological profiles of student knowledge.

    Improving Response to Intervention in Students With or At-Risk of Reading Disabilities
    This project, in partnership with researchers at Vanderbilt and Southern Methodist Universities, seeks to understand how reading and growth mindset interventions improve student outcomes.

    Nigerian Center for Reading Research and Development
    This project, funded by USAID and in partnership with the Learning Systems Institute, is to provide training and support to create a new reading research center in Nigeria.

    Recent Innovations

    Teacher Assistive Scoring Platform

    The Earlier Assessment for Reading Success

    System for Performing Assessment without Testing

    The K-12 RAPID Assessment


    Yaacov Petscher, Ph.D.

    Associate Directors

    Christopher Schatschneider, Ph.D.
    Richard Wagner, Ph.D.

    QMI Researchers

    Jamie Quinn, Ph.D.
    Christopher Stanley, Ph.D.
    Sarah O’Dell, MSW

    Post-doctoral Researchers

    Jamie Tock, Ph.D.

    Graduate Student

    Jungyeong Heo