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Project Coordinators

Karli Willis

After teaching elementary school (third through fifth grade) for six years, Karli began working at the Florida Center for Reading Research in 2007. Her current position is as the Intervention Coordinator on the ATLAS Project, where she is responsible for coaching interventionists around the state on tier 2 small group intervention lessons that she helped develop. Across many subprojects within the Reading for Understanding grant, she played a lead role in developing language intervention lessons for prekindergarten through third grade and trained interventionists on the implementation of these lessons and coached the interventionists, as well as teachers, through reliable implementation of the lessons. Karli was also integral in developing lessons for Project BLOOM, a prekindergarten supplemental vocabulary program, funded as an IES Goal 2 grant to Dr. Phillips. Karli indicates that her Masters of Science in Elementary Education has been an asset in her work on numerous projects over the last ten years, including some of her earliest projects in assisting Dr. Phillips on a grant from the State of Florida to develop the Florida VPK toolkit including the English Language Learners and language component. Her experience has also included training and mentoring teachers on the Literacy Express Comprehensive Preschool curriculum throughout the country within cluster-randomized trials funded by IES and NICHD.

Felesa Oliver

A Florida native who graduated with a BS in Psychology in 2010 from FSU, Felesa has been an employee of FCRR for 7 years. She has had the opportunity to assist with numerous projects at FCRR and gain experiences in multidimensional roles. Currently, she serves as the Project Manager on Project Voices. Previously, Felesa was the local site coordinator for a very large-scale intervention project within the Reading for Intervention grant, and she helped develop and initially test one of the tier 2 language interventions developed within RFU. Felesa also assisted with Project BLOOM, a prekindergarten supplemental vocabulary program, funded as an IES Goal 2 grant to Dr. Phillips. Felesa has held multiple roles on prior projects, including helping to develop and train on curriculum-based assessments, conduct and coach others in delivering small group intervention sessions, observe classrooms and assess children.