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Use of Ongoing Progress Monitoring to Improve Reading Instruction (PDF)

Response to Intervention - (RtI)

• RtI in Reading First Schools in Florida: Report on Implementation of the RTI Model in Reading First Schools in Florida (PDF)
• Statewide RtI Implementation Plan
• Florida RtI Introductory Training Course
• Florida DOE Technical Assistance Paper: The Response to Intervention Model
• Other websites with helpful information about Response to Intervention are:
• RtI Action Network: A program of National Center for Learning Disabilities -
• National Association of State Directors of Special Education -

Intervention News

Information and Ideas for the Support of Struggling Readers

Previous Issues

Resources to Support Effective Interventions

Extensive Reading Interventions in K-3 (PDF)

Intensive Reading Interventions For Struggling Readers In Early Elementary School: A Principal's Guide (PDF)

Teaching All Students to Read: Practices from Reading First Schools With Strong Intervention Outcomes. Summary Document (PDF)

Teaching All Students to Read: Practices from Reading First Schools With Strong Intervention Outcomes. Complete Document (PDF)

A Principal’s Guide to Intensive Reading Interventions for Struggling Readers in Reading First Schools: A Brochure (PDF)

Webcasts by Dr. Torgesen about Interventions for Struggling Readers

April 30th, 2007 - Overview of Academic Literacy Instruction for Adolescents

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May 10th, 2006 - A Principal's Guide to Intensive Reading Interventions for Struggling Readers in Elementary Schools. This Webcast is available in Windows Media and Real Player formats.

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Supplemental and Intervention Programs

These materials are intended for flexible use as part of differentiated instruction or as interventions that meet student learning needs in specific areas (phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension). Most students can benefit from the extra practice provided by Supplemental Programs. Other students will need an Intervention Program that guides more intensive instruction.

Tier 3 Intervention Programs

Florida students who have been retained two times in third grade (Tier 3) are in need of instruction that is more intensive, more explicit, more systematic, and more motivating than instruction they have previously received. This section provides lists of programs that have been reviewed by FCRR and may be appropriate to be implemented with these students. There are other programs that may be appropriate for these students but not yet reviewed by FCRR.

Recommended Reading about Interventions

These articles have been grouped roughly by category. Some of them, of course, address more than one of the categories, and these articles have been placed in more than one section. Others are simply placed in the category that is consistent with their primary focus, although they may have content related to other areas as well.

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