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Second Grade Student Center Activities

Aligned to the Common Core State Standards

Reading Foundational Skills

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These activities were designed as small group activities to provide students with additional opportunities to practice skills that were previously instructed.

Sometimes an activity will be appropriate for reinforcing a standard in multiple grade levels (e.g., one of the activities designed for grades 2–3 may be usable in grade 1). However, the activity may contain materials such as vocabulary or text that is above a first grade reading level. We suggest that teachers adapt the materials to suit their students’ needs (e.g., change the vocabulary to more appropriate words). These activities are designated in the table by an asterisk (*).

The standards are coded in the following manner: The first letter(s) designates the strand (e.g., L = Language). The first number or “K” indicates the grade. The second number indicates the standard. When a lower case letter follows the second number, it indicates that it is a grade specific expectation of that standard.

Other Resources
Refer to the Center on Instruction documents for the alignment of SCAs to the CCSS.

The English Language Arts Common Core State Standards can be downloaded here.

Downloading the Activities
Click on the title to view the activity. Activities are downloaded as PDF files. Click here to download Adobe Reader™.

No available activities    
P.016 How Many Words? P.017 Same but Different P.018 Fishing for Vowel Digraphs
P.019 Vowel Digraph Baseball P.020 Spell and Sort P.024 Diphthong-O
P.025 Sight and Sound Scout P.037 Compound Concentration F.003 Word Part Race
F.004 Syllable Sprint F.005 Syllable Speed Practice F.006 Pick-A-Part
AP.003 Sound Choice AP.004 Double Time AP.006 Word-O-Matic
AP.007 The Write Word F.001 Speedy Syllables  
P.030 Syllable Scoops P.031 Syllable Snake P.032 Syllable Cut-Ups
P.033 Map and Swoop P.034 Six-Way Syllable Sort P.035 Syllable Trivia
AP.008 Syllable Game AP.009 Syllable Score AP.010 Syllable Sort
AP.011 Syllable Swap F.005 Quick Sort F.008 Quick Words
P.039 Covering the Bases P.040 Parting Words P.041 Affix Hunt
P.042 Front or Back P.043 Base Word Sort P.044 Word Construction
AP.016 Affix Sort AP.017 Four Word AP.018 Affix Fit
AP.019 Embellished Words AP.021 If the Clue Fits AP.022 Word Way
F.008 Quick Words    
F.007 Affix Zip F.002 Affix Wiz F.004 Word Part Rush
F.008 Quick Words    
F.009 Pass the Word F.010 Word Sprint F.011 Word Speed Practice
F.006 Give Me Five F.007 Read Speed F.008 Quick Words
No available activities    
F.015 Phrase Progression F.016 Chunk-King F.017 Chunk-A-Lot
F.018 Chunky Passages F.019 Chunk It! F.020 Listen and Read
F.021 Reading Wiz F.022 Two To Read F.023 All Together Now
F.024 I Read, You Read F.025 Read and Read Again F.026 Play It Up!
F.027 Copy Cat! F.028 Poetry Reading F.029 Rapid Read
F.030 Listen To Me F.011 Reading Chunks F.012 Division Decisions
F.013 Chunk It Up F.014 Practice and Read F.015 Reading Twosome
F.016 Reading Results F.017 Echo Echo F.018 Follow My Lead
F.019 Cast of Readers F.020 Impressive Expressive F.021 Poetic License
F.022 Compu-Read F.023 Read Along F.024 Fluent Reflections
F.012 Fluent Phrasing F.013 Fast Phrases F.014 Phrase Speed Practice
F.009 Fleeting Phrases F.010 Phrase Haste  
No available activities