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Effectiveness of Core Instruction

This index shows the percentage of students who begin the year reading “on grade level,” continue to meet grade level expectations at the mid-year assessment, and make grade level expectations at the end of year assessment. This index reflects the ability of the core instructional program and its implementation to produce a year of growth in reading skills for a year of reading instruction. Only students who are attending a class at all assessment periods are used in making this calculation.

In Florida, most schools use the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS®) to monitor the progress of students in kindergarten through third grade. DIBELS® will be used in this example. Additionally, the ECI formula may be used with other measures that provide information on the instructional level of a student.

To calculate ECI, you will need the following information and supplies:
  • Recommended Instructional Level for each of your students for the beginning of the year and either the mid-year or end of the year (If you are using the Progress Monitoring and Reporting Network (PMRN), you will find this information on the Class Recommended Level of Instruction Report. This information can be cut and pasted from the PMRN into a spreadsheet or typed into a spreadsheet).
  • Color code the Recommended Instructional Levels

    • Initial = Green
    • Strategic = Yellow
    • Intensive = Red

  • A calculator to calculate the percentages (optional)

How do I calculate ECI?