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Syllable Patterns

Students eventually need to learn common rules for dividing syllables in order to better read and spell multisyllabic words. Students blend sounds and segment syllables in words that include the following syllable patterns:
  • Closed: a syllable with a short vowel sound before the final consonant (e.g., picnic, subject, basket)
  • Open: a syllable ending with a long vowel sound. It can be a single vowel letter. (e.g., open, super, gracious, moment)
  • Consonant -le: an unaccented final syllable with a consonant before /l/ followed by silent e (e.g., little, puzzle, mumble)
  • Vowel-Consonant-e: syllable with a long vowel sound and is spelled with a vowel, consonant, and a final silent e (e.g., compete, notebook, invite)