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Kindergarten Group 3

Our third group has six students. These students need support in further developing phonemic awareness skills (ISF, PSF), although they are performing at grade level with their knowledge of letter sounds and decoding (as measured by the NWF test). You should also pay attention to scores that may not make sense to you. Two students are in the “high risk” range in at least one measure of phonemic awareness (PSF); however, these students are on grade level for decoding nonsense words (NWF).You need to gather more information about these students to meet their instructional needs. For example, they may have attained good scores on the NWF measure by simply providing letter sounds fluently, without really blending the sounds together to form words. The highlighted guiding questions below will help you decide where to begin your instruction for this group. The additional questions are provided if you want to learn more about the needs of these students in the other instructional areas.

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