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Second Grade Group 2

When working with Group 2 you should continue to develop their knowledge of letters and sounds while they apply their phonics skills to reading simple words in isolation and in connected text. This instruction should focus on reading decodable words and high frequency words (these may or may not be decodable words). Your goal is help Group 2 develop fluency with these skills as quickly as possible. Once they are able to decode simple words, include instruction for more advanced phonics skills that involve decoding words with digraphs, consonant blends, diphthongs, affixes, and multiple syllables. You should provide opportunities for the students to read phrases and sentences to build oral reading fluency. Your goal for these students is to build their skills quickly so they come closer to meeting grade level expectations.

Vocabulary and comprehension are important components of reading that assist students in making meaning of text. While you are reading with this group, discuss new or difficult vocabulary and help them to make connections between the topic of the selection and their own lives.

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