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Second Grade Group 3

Group 3 should continue to develop their oral reading fluency in terms of rate, accuracy, and expression (prosody). Choral reading, echo reading, and performance reading (e.g., reader’s theatre) can aide in the development of the students’ rate and expression. Rereading and discussing text during small group instruction can help solidify Group 3’s ability to make connections to the text as well as their use of other comprehension strategies (e.g., asking questions, clarifying, summarizing).

Group 3 should also work on building vocabulary. Students should be taught to use new words to expand on words they know. Encourage students to use words that mean the same thing but sound more sophisticated such as “fortunate” instead of “lucky”. Have these students use these words in their conversations and writings.

Marcel and Dekendrick may need extra intervention in advanced phonics skills and high frequency words, with the goal of moving them as quickly as possible toward a grade-level oral reading fluency rate. Teacher observation and Ongoing Progress Monitoring can help to further determine the specific needs of these students.