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First Grade Group 2

Depending on the students’ instructional needs, Group 2 should continue to develop their phonemic awareness and phonics skills as well as applying their phonics skills to reading simple words in isolation and in connected text. This instruction should focus on reading decodable words and high frequency words (these may or may not be decodable words). Depending on the students’ instructional level, select words that include three and four phonemes (e.g., mat, click), words that begin or end with consonant blends (e.g., spot, mask), and words that contain the “silent e” (e.g., cake, site).

Encourage the students to read phrases and sentences to build reading fluency. As with Group 1, your goal is to be sure the students in this group catch up quickly with the scope and sequence of activities in your reading program. Remember that these students are also likely to need extra support in the development of vocabulary and comprehension. So, when reading words with new vocabulary, it is important to ensure they know their meanings.

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