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A Florida State University Center

Student Cumulative Report

Information this report provides:
1. Results of all reading assessments entered into the PMRN
2. Access to previous years’ data for a particular student
3. For DIBELS®, you can see the score for each measure and risk level
4. For PPVT-III, SAT-10, & FCAT you are able to see a Standard Score and Percentile Rank
5. A black and white printable view
6. A key at the bottom of the page

Questions that can be answered from this report:
1. Did a particular student make progress in reading skills in a given year?
2. What is the oral vocabulary skill of a particular student?
3. How does a particular student’s oral vocabulary relate to their reading abilities?
4. Has a particular student made gains in reading and oral vocabulary skills from one year to the next?
5. How did a particular student perform last year on DIBELS® and the Outcome Measures?
6. How did a student perform previously at another school?

This report does not provide:
1. Color-coded risk levels
2. Access to other reports