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Risk Levels

High Risk Seriously below grade level and in need of substantial intervention. A student at high risk who does not receive immediate intensive intervention (iii) has about a 10 percent chance of reading on grade level at the end of the year.
Moderate Risk Moderately below grade level.
Targeted instruction is needed to improve at least one skill. Without targeted instruction, a student at moderate risk has
about a 50 percent chance of achieving grade level at the end of the year.
Low Risk The current classroom instruction is sufficient for meeting the studentís needs. A student at low risk has about an 80 percent chance of reading at grade level at the end of the year.
Above Average The studentís performance in a particular skill is above average in proficiency.
The risk levels for each DIBELS® measure administered in kindergarten through third grade are illustrated in the KĖ3 DIBELS RISK LEVELS CHART