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Parent Letter

Information this report provides:
1. A form letter automatically generated by the system using the data from each individual student
2. A detailed explanation of tests given to the student
3. Activities to help build reading skills at home
4. An additional comments box for the teacher to add information not already on the letter that is specific to the student
5. The FCRR website address specific to information for parents
6. Contact information for the classroom teacher
7. Information related to when the next report will be sent
8. Can be printed in 3 languages: English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole

Questions that can be answered from this report:
1. Why is a student being tested?
2. How often are DIBELS® tests given?
3. What does a certain score mean for the studentís reading ability?
4. What are some examples of questions on the test?
5. What activities can be done at home to help build reading skills?
6. When will the next report be sent?

This report does not provide:
1. Links to any other reports
2. Translation of teacherís comments in another language (In the teacher comment box, if the teacher wants the comments to be in Spanish, she must type them in Spanish)