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Diagnostic Measures

The Diagnostic Assessments of Reading, 2nd Edition (DAR, 2nd Edition)
The DAR is a criterion-referenced assessment of print awareness, phonemic awareness, letters and sounds, word analysis, silent reading comprehension, oral reading fluency, spelling, and word meaning. All subtests are administered individually. There are two forms of the DAR so that it may be used as a pre and post assessment.

The Early Reading Diagnostic Assessment (ERDA)
The Early Reading Diagnostic Assessment (ERDA) evaluates the early reading skills of kindergarten, first, second and third grade students. The ERDA is a battery of tests that measures a broad range of reading readiness and early reading skills. This reading diagnostic instrument is designed to identify the strengths and weaknesses of a student for specific interventions. Formal, informal, norm-referenced scores and qualitative descriptions of student performance are obtained. The performance of a student is reported in a student profile with qualitative data and a skills analysis to assist the teacher in developing a comprehensive intervention plan.

Reading Diagnostic Measures
A chart including a list of assessment instruments was generated through a review conducted by the Just Read, Florida! Office in consultation with the Florida Center for Reading Research (FCRR). This chart is not a statement of endorsement. Rather, it serves as a resource to inform users of the growing pool of diagnostic instruments appropriate for grades K-12 that meet psychometric standards. Each of the instruments listed meet criteria for reliability and validity. This listing will be updated periodically to reflect new information about the technical qualities of these and other diagnostic measures of reading. Additionally, a link is provided to a document detailing recommendations for using diagnostic tests in the classroom.

Reading Diagnostic Measures Chart

Recommendations for the use of Diagnostic Tests in Reading First Schools